Nasan is heavily invested in the future of the tech industry with the vision of excelling in the domain of IoT. We also provide multi-faceted e-Governance suites where “end-user privacy and security” is of the utmost importance. Our mission is simple – Deliver unmatched quality and result-oriented outputs that are in line with world-class standards.

Our meticulous project handling methodology is what separates us from the rest. We aim to bring end-to-end bleeding-edge technological solutions with seamless scope of expansion, with no compromises in quality. The highly competent team here at Nasan is always working towards creating effective consumer solutions and is always ready to provide support whenever it is needed. By combining innovation and experience, our engineers have crafted multi-platform solutions on both legacy and modern mobile platforms.

Our immense growth is a product of two decades of indisputable experience in the field of cutting-edge tech. In a short period of time, we’ve become a household name for providing convenient solutions and we couldn’t be any prouder.

Nasan is headquartered in Hyderabad, India.

Our Team

Uday Kumar P

Co-Founder & CTO

Nagaraja K

Co-Founder & CEO

Abhilash Reddy.N.E

Director Marketing & Strategy
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